Sustainable Living from the Inside Out


EHS Maryland is a full-service general contractor and construction manager offering building, remodeling and home improvement services. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and sustainable material guarantee.



At EHS, we combine your vision along with building requirements to design a layout to meet your needs. We offer brand new build-outs, as well as, redesigning for existing retail, restaurant and work spaces.


We are committed to keeping your home safe, dry and maintenance free with our sustainable product made from recycled, raw materials and a reflective layer that protects from environmental elements.


EHS offers both interior and exterior options with a custom design to match your vision. Services include: additions, screened in porches, decks, basement finishes, kitchen remodels & more!


At EHS, we are committed to completing each step of your project thoroughly and accurately. From designing and obtaining building permits to inspection and project completion, we follow a detailed sequence of events to ensure total satisfaction.


Whatever the project, let us be your solution.


We specialize in commercial build-outs!